Welcome to our home!


How We Met

We met while we were working at California Pizza Kitchen right before our last year of college. We spent an amazing Summer together (with our puppy Millie) and worked hard during our last year of college to create and build our friendship & love.


Our Day-to-Day

We got married on 3.30.2013 and live in Manassas, VA. Andrea is a Creative Director and Mobile First Specialist for a Design & Development firm that specializes in Responsive Web Design. David is a Civil War history buff who works as a high school history teacher.


What We Love!

We love to cook as healthy, fresh, and flavorful as possible, camp, and travel. Andrea loves to craft and come up with crazy concoctions in the kitchen. David loves to ride his bike and eat crazy concoctions. Millie loves to run-a-muck and pre-rinse the dishes.



by: David